The Sohagi Law Group

Albert I. Herson
Of Counsel

Al Herson is an environmental attorney and planner with over 30 years experience. He is a recognized authority on the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA),the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and natural resources law. Mr. Herson serves as the firm's Sacramento presence, and advises public agencies on complex environmental and land use law matters, including CEQA, NEPA, SB 375 and climate change analysis, the Endangered Species Act, and wetlands permitting.

Mr. Herson has prepared and reviewed hundreds of CEQA and NEPA documents on land use, water resources, energy, infrastructure, and public lands projects. He serves as special CEQA Counsel for the Santa Clara Valley Water District, where he has provided strategic CEQA advice and document review for many water supply, flood management, and wastewater projects. He also has provided strategic CEQA advice and document review for several General Plans, including Amador County and Monterey County.

Mr. Herson has played a major role in the legal review and defense of the SANDAG 2050 RTP/SCS. He provided SANDAG staff and the EIR consultant team with strategic CEQA advice, reviewed Draft and Final RTP and EIR sections, drafted Final EIR master responses, reviewed CEQA findings, and drafted legal briefs.

Mr. Herson is co-author of California Environmental Law and Policy: A Practical Guide, the CEQA Deskbook (2nd edition),and The NEPA Book, as well as CEQA and wetlands chapters in Matthew Bender's California Environmental Law and Land Use Practice treatise. He has taught numerous environmental law courses at University of California Extensions, and is co-chair of CLE International's Annual CEQA Update conferences. Mr. Herson is a past President of the American Planning Association California Chapter, and the California Planning Roundtable.

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